Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The rock that is also a vaporizer and is also portable - was this the rock that got superman? Actually that can't be right now can it?

Maybe I got something wrong there??? Anyway, the portability is great and as ever Aussie dares you to try and better it!! The rubber tube is something special and to celebrate its general greatness then I intend to create an amazing pen and ink sketch to celebrate so here goes ... I'm into the weed as I go, but know that I could even beat that Robert crumb character and he was kinda famous for the way he managed to chug upon the old vaporizers!!! I has been said that he is more of a volcano man - but what his digits could not draw was not worth drawing!!!

Some people (other than me) will say the fear in the picture and the iolite vaporizer are really just two types of the same thing - or rather - incorrect use of the vap could lead to the user into the depths as pictured in the image!!! and we've all been there at some point have we not? of course it really does depend upon your choice of herb - and if you stick with the blend and grinder as tipped by the manufacturer then you are never really going to have many issues!!! The herbs need to be relevant to the user and it is not just a case of packing your vaporizer with the first weed that you stumble across as you walk down the street!


  1. Definitely agree with you there on the Iolite, kind of complicated to use, but not a bad vaporizer at all! Nice article.

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